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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When do you meet?

We meet Tuesdays of each month from September through May. Meetings begin at 6:30PM and conclude by 7:30pm (although the Tiger Cubs/First graders may dismiss earlier). Please be on time! We try not to meet on Tuesday after we have had a weekend scouting event, which is about once per month. You can roughly assume that we will meet 3 Tuesdays of each month and then have one scouting event on a Saturday each month as well. Our entire calendar is planned for the year already!

Where do you meet?

We meet at Ramah Presbyterian Church in Huntersville, off of Ramah Church Road. The address is

14401 Ramah Church Rd, 15
Huntersville, NC 28078.

We meet in the pre-school lunch room. If you are facing the church from the parking lot, the lunch room is on the left, through the set of double doors (there is also an old church bell near the entrance).

What does my son wear?

Pack 200 requires a Cub Scout uniform shirt, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, hat, and belt. Uniform pants are optional (jeans, khakis, and shorts are acceptable). These uniforms are called CLASS A’s.

Uniforms are available at the following locations:

The Mecklenburg County Council Scout Shop
1410 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28204


The Carolina Scout Shop
2121 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 583-2627

The Central NC Council Scout Shop
904 Cloverleaf Plaza, Kannapolis, NC 28083
(704) 720-9264.

Please call ahead for business hours.

Pack 200 issues a Pack t-shirt with our logo for each boy. These shirts are referred to as CLASS B’s. Unless otherwise noted, boys should wear these uniforms to Tuesday night meetings.

What are the different Cub Scout Ranks?

  • 1st Grade | Tigers (orange uniform accessories)
  • 2nd Grade | Wolf Cub Scouts (yellow/red uniform accessories)
  • 3rd Grade | Bear Cub Scouts (light blue uniform accessories)
  • 4th Grade | Webelos Scouts (Boy Scout uniforms -- green/khaki)
  • 5th Grade | Arrow of Light Scouts (Boy Scout uniforms -- green/khaki)

Do I have to remain at each meeting with my son?

For the Tiger Den (1st grade) a parent must remain at the meetings with his/her son. All other parents are encouraged to stay and offer assistance to the den leaders.

A common misconception is that Cub Scouts is a “Tuesday night babysitting service.” Make no mistake: if you are looking for a place to drop off your son with no additional commitments, Pack 200 is not the place for you. We encourage all parents to engage in this experience with your sons. Cub Scouting is a family activity.

What does it cost?

Annual dues are $70.00. The hat and t-shirt are an additional $25. So if you are new to Pack 200, your dues the first year will be $100. This fee covers basic dues, a subscription to Boys Life Magazine, and BSA insurance. The cost of the uniform is about $60 to $100. Pack 200 also has older uniforms, gently worn, that you can have for free. There is also a book that you must purchase each year. The cost of the book is $13 - $19. Digital editions are also available on Amazon.

Costs for Pack 200

Returning Scouts

New to Pack 200




Boys Life Magazine



Liability Insurance



Leadership Costs



Pack Awards



Hot Dog Fund



T-Shirt + Hat






Pack 200 uses an a-la-carte payment style. This means we keep the annual dues low and you pay for each of the activities you want to participate in (some packs charge you up front for ALL activities whether you participate or not). We strive to keep our costs to a minimum.

The other costs that you may experience during the year are listed below:

  • Rain gutter Regatta Boats are $6 each
  • Pinewood Derby Cars are $5 each
  • Rockets are $7 each
  • Campouts generally cost $6-8 for food per person plus a fixed cost for the camp rental, normally $10-20 per family.
  • The annual Webeloree and Cuboree are each $20 per person (includes food and t-shirt)
  • When we have a cookout, you are expected to bring a side or dessert, est. cost of $5 each time.

Estimated costs for one full year of scouting (assuming you are new and participate in most activities) is about $261. This would include the annual fee, camping multiple times, the pinewood derby, rain gutter regatta, rocket launch, the uniforms, books, and bringing desserts to several pack meetings.

Popcorn Sale Fundraiser

Each fall, the Pack participates in the local Scouting Council’s fundraiser with Trail’s End Popcorn. Boys have the opportunity to sell popcorn door-to-door with an adult, sell at local businesses, and at other preset locations. Boys are compensated with prizes. 27% of the profit goes directly into our treasury to fund Pack 200 activities.

Friends of Scouting

Each spring, families can contribute or pledge to contribute to the local council, Mecklenburg County Council, to help fund camp operations and pay the costs of operating Scouting in Mecklenburg. None of this money comes back to the Pack. This is a charitable contribution to the BSA.

Are parents expected to help lead den meetings?

Yes and no. Every parent should be willing to volunteer some of his/her time to work with the trained den leader(s) to provide quality meetings. That doesn’t mean you have to lead it necessarily, but you ought to be willing to help. There are also numerous activities during the year that the Pack needs assistance with. Your son wants you involved with the Pack, whether they verbalize it or not. Please step up and help out. It doesn’t require a lot of time and takes the burden off of others. The Pack doesn’t go unless a parent leads.

What is the difference between a Pack meeting and a Den meeting?

Each Tuesday night meeting begins with the Pack gathered together for general announcements and an opening flag ceremony. This generally lasts 10-15 minutes. From this point, the boys break into Den meetings with their respective ranks/grade level for activities, achievements, outings, etc.

A Pack meeting generally occurs on the last Tuesday of every other month, starting with September (see the calendar). Pack meetings are announced in advance and generally consist of handing out awards and recognizing individual scouts for their accomplishments.  We dress in Class A uniforms and have a dessert after the meeting. Desserts are brought by the parents.

Do we camp?

Pack 200 has multiple spring and fall trips. Our first campout is at Ramah Church in September. Our second campout is normally at a state park within an hour long drive of the church.  The spring trip camping is normally to Virginia and includes a bike ride (the Virginia Creeper Trail) and then the Scouts are encouraged to go the Cuboree at Belk Scout Camp in April.

All camping trips will be in campgrounds with running water, electricity, hot showers. Our Scouts may be new to camping, so we want to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for them. No "primitive" camping for Pack 200 Cub Scouts!

Are there other trips & outings?

There is a Cuboree in April of each year at Belk Scout Camp. There is also a Webeloree for the Webelos at Belk Scout Camp in November. The Davidson Christmas Parade is a half day event and the Scouts march in the parade and we have a cookout before. We do various hikes during the year, the first of which is always in September.

Are there opportunities to involve siblings?

Yes. Most of the activities that the Pack does are family friendly, meaning that parents and siblings can participate (there may be a cost involved). That includes camping, hiking, the pinewood derby, etc. Den meetings are generally not ok for siblings to attend.

What volunteer opportunities are there for parents?

The Pack is totally volunteer led. We always need parents to become den leaders, serve as event coordinators, assist with registrations, help with Treasurer duties, and more. Each October there is a parent meeting after the informal Pack meeting to acclimate parents with the jobs of the current Pack year.

How do we get information about Pack events?

Generally there is a weekly e-mail. New families should be entered and receiving Pack 200 messages by mid-September. Make certain your internet service provider and spam filters permit e-mail from something that resembles the following address:

What are the other special events each year?

  • September | Raingutter Regatta, Campout at the Church and Rocket Launch
  • October | Annual Popcorn Sale Fundraiser, campout TBA each year
  • October-November | Webeloree Resident Camp, Flag Ceremony with the Boy Scouts
  • December | Davidson Christmas parade, Pack Christmas Party
  • January | Ski Trip to Winterplace
  • February | Scouting for Food collection, Scout Sunday
  • February-March | Pinewood Derby
  • February-March | Blue and Gold Party
  • April | Cuboree at Belk Scout Camp
  • May | Creeper Trail Campout and Bike Ride
  • June | Cub Scout Day Camp at Bethel Church

Are there summer camp opportunities?

The Nornets Nest District of the Mecklenburg County Council hosts several camps each year. They include Cub Scout Day Camp (June); Webelos Resident Camp (July); Webeloree (October-November); Cuboree (April) and others. You will be notified well in advance of these camps to give you ample time to register for these opportunities.

How much training have Pack 200 leaders received?

Every uniformed Pack 200 leader has completed at least three basic training classes. They include -- from Boy Scouts of America (1) Youth Protection and (2) Basic Leader/Cub Scout Fast Start/Position Specific Training and from Ramah Presbyterian Church (3) Safe Sanctuary training. We are serious about maintaining Pack 200 as a child safe environment.

How are Pack activities determined and plans made?

The Pack leadership is made up of the Den leaders, advancements coordinator, treasurer, Asst. Cubmaster, Cubmaster and Committee Chairs. The Pack Committee generally meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM for approximately one half hour to set plans and make policy for the Pack. All parents are encouraged to attend.

Is Pack 200 open to families of all religious faiths?

Yes. Although Pack 200 is chartered by Ramah Presbyterian Church, a Christian church, we invite families of all faiths to join us. Families should remember that prayers/blessings, religious activities, and God & Country programs all revolve around Christianity. Ramah Church offers a wide variety of Christian Education opportunities; both modern & traditional worship services, incredible children’s and youth programs. Please see Philip Westmoreland for information.

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